2nd Round of Covid…

Tested positive for COVID on Sunday-been absolutely miserable since. My boyfriend had it, too, but he’s 99% better. He goes back to work on Sunday.

I worked from home 3/5 days this week. For the year in total, I get 10 days off. I was already very sick in January and took two days off then.

I still tested positive today. Been wearing a mask in our apartment to make sure we’re not spreading it back and forth.

It’s been really hard to “isolate” in 980 square feet, but we’re trying. I attempt to sleep on the couch while he gets the bed. My legs are so sore. I’ve been getting up and trying to walk while attempting to work.

I lost my sense of taste and smell-to add, I have horrible cold sores on the base of my tongue. It hurts to have ice cream.

My asthma is bothering me, but it’s not terrible.

My boyfriend, unknowingly, gave it to me. He went on a mini trip with his friend and came back. Two days later, he felt very sick. I made him take a test last Saturday and he came back positive. By then, it was too late: I was infected as well.

I’m grateful the worse part is over. I’ll be happy when I test negative and can go out and just exist again.


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