Post-Covid Breathing Treatments/Steroid Woes


After getting COVID for the second time and suffering over two weeks, I tested negative on April 17th.

18 days have gone by and and my lungs are not fully healed.

At night, it is NOT fun. It feels like my lungs are cement blocks in them. I started doing nebulizer treatments every few hours.

Okay, it’s HELPING, but it’s a pain.

It feels never ending.

My weight shot up by five pounds in three days.

I haven’t been snacking. I’ve been eating a reasonable amount of food at every meal. I cut back on fats and focusing on veggies on lunches.

Health is priority one. I know I can’t let this destroy me.

JUST SO DAMN IRRITATED. Steroids don’t help, either.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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