Puddle Jumping

My parents move out next Wednesday. Fantastic news for them, but also bittersweet at the same time.

The place I spent over ten years of my life, post high school, will no longer be made-and memories can no longer be so easily accessible. Also the place of my brother’s life. A place where he met his absolute best friends.

So bittersweet.

It’s not a death of a person, but a conclusion of a huge part of my life. A series of chapters which were so deeply woven into this house. It’s a bit overwhelming.

Let go of things that no longer serve you” and all that, but it’s so hard to let go.

I try to look at things from an outsider perspective. If one of my friends’ parents moved from their childhood home, I’d realize how hard it was for them, but ultimately how good it is for them to grow.

It’s the place where a lot of horrible things happened: some recent and some distant; so why would I be so sad?

It was raining as I left their house a few days ago. From muscle memory, I stepped quickly in the driveway; avoiding puddle after puddle. Just as I jumped from the biggest one to my car, I smiled. How many years have I parked in this driveway? How many years have I played this “game”?

What a lovely way to end that part of my life.

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