Derailed, but Fixing Myself

Going off my last post, I became sick.

Then sick again


I’m dealing with being tired all the time. If I get a full 7+ hours, things are good. Lately, t’s been 5.5 or 6 hours.

Since Tuesday night, I admittedly have been eating more. I haven’t been listening to my hunger queues. My brain is too scrambled and I’m too tired to fix

Taking medicine for my asthma doesn’t help-thanks corticosteroids. ‘Freaking PREDNISONE. I have a hard time making intelligent decisions about my food choices on it. Que the lack of sleep-my absolute Kryptonite-and I’m SOL.

Today I’m on a lower dose as I wean off. I also hope this helps my sleep. I take it at 7:30AM-by the time I go to bed at 9PM, you would think I would have a better shot at sleeping.

I’ll make a plan now so I don’t regret it later. I want to keep going and just do better.

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