Do you get sick as you lose weight?

I had the same problem last time I was at the gym regularly. I became sick a lot.

It’s also an issue when I start to lose weight: I increase my activity and I clean up what I eat. My body gives me the proverbial finger and I get sick.

I want to continue to lose weight. Not for society, not for the approval of others, but for me and my future.

I was searching and trying to see if others had this same issue. I found this: This happens to everyone, apparently, to some degree and most importantly, in a certain way.

With my asthma and obese body, I’m more at risk for infection and getting sick.

I enjoy my time at the gym. I feel accomplished when I leave. I found some protein shakes I actually like to make and use. I want to continue that at a more cautious level.

Since December 29th 2022, weighing in at 352.6, I am down to 342.9-a 9.7 pounds weight loss. I don’t consider it “extreme” weight loss as I started off so high. Any change, as far as I was told, would start off with a bigger loss.

My weight has fluctuated on and off. I don’t look at my weight in the morning and go “Geez, I shouldn’t have eaten that spaghetti last night”. Sometimes I think of salt, but that’s really it.

I don’t feel like I’m binging or restricting. I’m not even obsessed like I was before, which is a absolute fucking miracle.

What I want to try moving forward is to make sure I nourish myself and take care of myself on my trainer days-add more to my diet. Like vegetables and fruits. Get those vitamins in-get that fiber in.

Anyone else have this experience? I would love to hear your stories!

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