Home Videos

I’m digitizing some family home videos. The latest video shows a massive flood where I lived when I was younger (July 1996, to be exact). We lived on top of his street-it acted as a hill and our house was the only one not completely flooded.

I remember news crews coming down and filming our street. From our backyard, you can see a massive retention pond through the back gate. So big, people brought boats out there and had room to move around.

These videos feel like they’re poking around at the back of my head. So many memories. Some fun, most really horrible.

Ever since I found out my supposed best friend raped my brother, I feel like most of my childhood memories are lies. While I haven’t seen her in the videos, I know she was still very much a presence in my life at that time. I still have nightmares where I confront her.

It’s a lot to deal with.

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