Weight Loss & Bullying

One of the most difficult thing people don’t understand is how emotions play into your weight.

People tend to think weight loss is linear and if it’s not going down constantly, you’re failing. I get that weight loss, in theory, SHOULD be a down slope. It would be NICE, but it’s not REALITY. It’s not just abut overeating: it’s a pain in your gut and an overwhelming sense of anxiety. I’m also on medication related to anxiety and bipolar disorder. These are NOT weight loss friendly.

I’m now at 335. I do feel better. It’s been a rocky, rocky road. Unlearning all my bad habits has been difficult. It’s scary how quickly you can backslide.

Now, let’s talk about online bullies or bullies just in general.

Can’t add anything relevant to a topic? Call people names like you’re still in second grade!

There was a topic on Facebook about a popular plus-size woman on TikTok. (there’s my first mistake-having an opinion while being fat). I made the comment that it’s mostly men who are saying ignorant things. Said petulant man children were triggered instantly and at alarming rates. Surely, they are willing to take what they dish out, right?

This particular guy tried to bully me in the comments. I reported some of his comments-there are actions to your consequences, right? I then removed myself from the conversation. Glad Facebook has that option.

One of the reports went through and were taken down. Facebook usually fails in that department, so I was pleasantly surprised.

A few minutes later, I received a message notification. See the image to the left.

I guess having a fat woman tell you “no” is a first for him. Glad it could be me 🙂

Anyway, I used to let people like him dictate how I saw myself while I was a child and a young teen. I’ve been bullied my entire life, even now as an adult. Their insults don’t get any craftier, I’m afraid.

Don’t let people like this upset you. While maybe what ails him isn’t physical like obesity is, I’m sure he’s dealing with a lot. You just have to remember people like him, and all bullies, don’t dictate your life.

You do.

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