Existing while fat.

This is a pet peeve of mine. Been one for years.

If you’re a fat person like me, you’ve been summed up as your outward appearance and not as a actual human being since the time you either became fat or since…forever. Like me.

People don’t take you seriously as a fat person. Your bosses treat you differently. Even teachers treat you differently.

The very best experience as a fat woman (and I say this with absolute resounding fire in my heart and in the upmost sarcastic way) is going to the doctor.

Proudly, I put on my forms I am going to the gym three times a week: once with a trainer and the other two sessions are trainer prescribed workouts.

The very first thing I heard when I sat down with my gynecologist and asked about getting my tubes tied?

HEY. YOU’RE FAT! Instead of us giving you an incision to tie your tubes, we want to perform a very invasive surgery by cutting away at most your stomach! Your WEIGHT needs to be addressed!

Yes, doctor dip shit. I woke up this morning and as it turns out, I’m fat. Didn’t change from yesterday. I went to the gym, I ate (mostly) healthy and fuck me, it looks like I didn’t lose 100+ pounds overnight.

When you tell people you’re losing weight, they expect you to lose ASAP: pounds off, constantly in gym clothes, posting selfies at the gym, etc. EVERYTHING MUST BE GYM RELATED.

And Gods forbid you eat something not *gasp* HEALTHY RELATED.

Just a fat girl trying to make sense of this stuff. I wish I could post a montage and have it all be done with.

That’s. Not. REALITY.

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