To Feel and Experience-Witchcraft

I mentioned in a previous post about my coven and the rituals we do.

I decided to take a leave from the coven itself. While the entire experience has been life changing, I want to experience more outside of Hekate. I want to explore my relationships with other deities I have been interested in. Other things of other interests, so to speak.

From my understanding, She calls many people of ethnic backgrounds and origins. Please note: I am not trying to whitewash this beautiful Woman and Deity and the people she originates from.
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Santa Murete has been calling me for awhile. That first meeting happened while doing another ritual. It was a familiar feeling. I’ve seen her a few times since then. Sometimes in different forms. Mainly, I’ve been working with Hekate: she is known for being a psychopomp or Soul Guide. Also known as a literal guide when our journey in our current form ends.

Throughout my life, I’ve experienced different deities and instances involving death or sudden loss. Spirit communication, psychic manifestation, premonitions, etc. I had so many hang ups because I saw it constantly happening around me.

I had an ex-boyfriend who told me I “caused” bad things to happen. On our first date, he received a phone call: his father was in a terrible car accident and his life was altered forever. I knew he was upset, but that genuinely upset me (he also went on to tell me his aunt “did witchcraft” and since I also “did witchcraft”, I must have caused this).

My main deity has been Hekete. She has many names/roles and one of them is psychopomp/soul guide: both in the spiritual and literal sense. Some even believe she is the World Soul or Soteria.

Because, you know, a religion automatically makes you a “bad” person
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As I’ve finally confronted what has been happening my entire life, the more I realize I’m not causing it: I’m here for the ease of transition for both spirit and the newly grieved. This is something I started to come to terms with a little bit before my brother passed.

It’s also something many people are experiencing from all paths of life. Are you one of them/us?

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