Crying for Strangers

There was a recent “active shooter” situation very, VERY close to where my parents live. I was relieved to find out my parents were at their house when this happened and they are okay.

Today, I found out some details. The “active shooter” was someone who worked with our company previously and had a decent reputation for being a great worker. From various news pieces, it seems as though she was having a mental health crisis.

This resonated deeply within me. There were so many times I thought I would find my brother in those situations. Not out of a hatred or wanting to hurt people, but because my brother did not have a handle on reality and facts while he was high. He would also become irrationally angry when he was like that. He would call, hang up and call. He would scream. He would send me text messages that I was a terrible sister.

I cried in my car today during my lunch. One more human being dead. Dozens now afflicted with this horrible, wrenching pain of sadness and despair. Their road will be long and right now, insufferable. I cried because I thought of my brother and how cruel this would can be to everyone.

There’s a lot of senseless violence in the world. Trying to make sense of it or even defend it seems meaningless.

But, this too shall pass. What else can we do but go on?

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