Capacity For Love

My Dad was back in the hospital late last week. He had surgery in January. He flared up last week, but, he’s feeling better now.

This (current) fiasco started right after my brother passed. My brother (and the rest of the family, of course) were very concerned with the symptoms he had. In true Dad fashion, he kept saying “I’m fine, I’m fine” for many years. To honor my brother, he finally went to the doctor. They found a condition and we’re making sure he is taken care of. We’re hoping different medication can make a difference!

As I’ve been trying to grasp all these events-at straws, maybe-I tried to think of one thing, just ONE DAMN THING, that has been come out of all this as a positive for me.

My capacity to love and feel has become so much deeper!

A lot of things have happened in my life so far. A lot of pain, but also joy. I’ve been so scared to feel deeply; it’s easier to hold emotions at a distance and carefully examine rather than take it all in at once.

Taken just a few months before he passed. RIP David. #Forever28

Thank you, David. Though you’re not here physically and we all wish you were, your spirit has opened my heart and made light shine there again.

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