When To Rise

Anyone else feel a sense of dread when others talking about “the holiday season”?

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) coupled with horrific memories of growing up with a parent who abused pills/alcohol makes a full grown adult pause this time of year in deep reflection.

Now, coupled with my brain struggling to make sense of this life without my brother in it and the rude awakening of knowing I will have no family left after my parents pass…

I ask: When is a good time to rise from this?

We have the death certificate. We have most of his belongings. We even have full access to his Facebook.

Truth is, there not be a time when you feel like “I must rise”. Or when it’s convenient or even expected.

We don’t rise on a specific day. We don’t rise at the dawn of the morning sun.

We rise now, in moments. We instantaneously rise when those carefully practiced and often dreaded moments catch us off guard: when we’re tired of letting anxiety and dread rule our lives.

Even if it’s just in moments.

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