Rising From Ashes: The Mass Grave

Getting back to living after dying (from grief) is really difficult. There are so many words, feelings and even anger flowing inside you. It’s difficult to even know which one will come up and when.

Will it be from a co-worker talking about their family? A passing couple arguing over a seemingly non-issue? Maybe even a commercial about the upcoming holiday. Who knows: it’s an unfortunate lottery.

You would think all the therapy I’ve had as a child growing up for both my bipolar and other family dysfunction would kick in-that I would dig myself out of this mass grave with ease.

This mass grave we dig ourselves out of isn’t just the life you have with your loved ones-it’s all memories, the daily interactions and even the fights you’ve had. It’s knowing the next holiday, birthday or event will never be the same again. It’s all the pieces of you forever changed, dying to be reborn again.

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