What is your SAD?

Grief takes away any joy you have and twists it into something dark and furious. Any attempt to feel happiness is quickly thwarted by something dark and sinister in your life: knowing that person you love is gone. Getting out of that hole is tough. I would dare say it’s one of the most difficult things you do in your life.  

The day it happens (that day for me is Sunday) is a dreaded, diabolical, disgusting day in the week, even though it already happened.

Maybe I don’t have to tell you this. Maybe you’re someone who’s going through it now. If you are, I’m so sorry. It hurts knowing other people are going through it.

In my belief system, November is the beginning of the year. Halloween/October 31st/Samhain is the end festival of the year.

Here in the northern hemisphere, it’s getting a bit darker every day. As someone with SAD (seasonal affective disorder) it is more challenging this year than it ever has been.

If you have SAD or feeling blue this time of year: what is something you do to alleviate your sadness?

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